Use of Farstad Shipping's logo must always be done in accordance with the guidelines presented below. To download the logo (EPS vector file), please use the links under related documents in the left column.
Preferred version
The Farstad logo consists of two key components, the symbol and the typography.
The Farstad symbol is printed as follows:
CMYK: 69%, 7%, 0%, 0%
Spot: PMS 298 C
The Farstad typography:
CMYK: 100%, 56%, 0%, 23%
Spot: PMS 647 C
Alternative version
In order to present the logo on different backgrounds, typography can be printed in white, or alternatively, both the symbol and the typography can be printed in white.
For printing in one colour (black), the symbol is printed in 40% and the typography in 100%.
Minimum Size for print
The logo may never be reproduced when the symbol is less than 10mm wide. 
Protection area
In order for the logo to appear clearly and distinctly, a protection area is defined giving the logo the necessary distance to other graphical elements. The area is calculated based on the height of the typography as the distance from the outermost points of the logo.


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