Corporate Governance

In Farstad Shipping we place great emphasis on exercising good corporate governance.

This can be achieved by the correct attitudes and conscious responsibility by the employees in respect of attendance to safety, health, environment and quality in the day to day tasks. We shall have open and honest communication, and we shall be visible in a positive way both in our local and business communities.

These values and commitments shall contribute to the foundation and further development of the confidence of, and towards the company by its shareholders and clients.

The following describes the main principles, Articles of Association and practices relating to corporate governance in Farstad Shipping:

  • Articles of Association
  • Shareholder Policy
  • Investor Relations Policy
  • Risk Management Policy

Each year, the management and Board of Farstad Shipping evaluate the principles for corporate governance and how these are addressed in the group. "Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance" (last revised 30/10/2014) forms the basis for the company's reporting. The Code of Practice is available at www.nues.no.

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